Willem Boogman


Sternenrest in Festival Musica Sacra

The eighth performance of Sternenrest will take place on September 20, 2014, 22:00 during the Festival Musica Sacra Maastricht.

Sternenrest fits perfectly into the theme of this year's festival: awe-inspiring!
›How is it that, through the workings of our brain, we can form a picture of our actions and our place in the immeasurable cosmos? The fact that we are increasingly better equipped to chart that cosmos, macro and micro, does little to diminish our realisation that we are only a tiny part of an overwhelmingly large universe.‹

Again the performers are Olaf Tarenkeen - electric guitar, Arnold Marinissen - percussion of glass and Spectra Ensemble. Sound direction by Casper Schipper.

I'm really looking forward to the performance in this beautiful context!

Afbeeldingruimtelijke bewegingen_GLAS kopie