Willem Boogman



18:23 minutes


Bass Flute

Bass Clarinet
Percussion I
(one player)

Percussion II
(one player)

commissioned by

Spectra Ensemble

dedicated to

Filip Rathé



from Sternenrest
for spatially-positioned ensemble, computer and Wave Field Synthesis (2008)

(see also Sternenrest)


Liminale from Sternenrest - performed by the Spectra Ensemble, Casper Schipper - sound direction & the Wave Field Synthesis loudspeakersystem
live recording by Bert van Dijk, January 21, 2012
Orgelpark Amsterdam

program notes

The third and last part of Sternenrest, entitled Liminale, starts just after the ›explosion‹ of the star, in which her core is ›kicked out‹ and her remnants gradually disperse throughout the universe. The core continues to exist as a pulsar, gets a little sister, whereby a double-pulsar system is formed. The two pulsars spiral slowly towards each other, finally coalescing to form a black hole.
The music here is based on the data of the double-pulsar system PSR J0737-3039.
All these developments take place on a large scale in the electronic music, above the heads of the six musicians. The ensemble is spatially positioned and plays chords which are constantly changing in colour, thus completing a cycle which represents the alternation of day and night here on earth – but then earth as seen from space, almost transparent and vulnerable.
The composition ends with the break of day, as it were.

For extended notes on Liminale see the preface of the score of Sternenrest

The electronic music was developed at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague with the help of the lecturer/composer Johan van Kreij and the two students Billy Bultheel and Casper Schipper. They designed the software and realized the electronic sounds, which are projected by means of Wave Field Synthesis.
This system, built by the Dutch foundation The Game of Life, consists of 192 loudspeakers and eight subwoofers and was presented in 2006. The system projects sound evenly throughout the listening space, and makes possible an exact positioning, and moving around, of sounds in relation to the listener.

in preparation: version for 4 (or more) loudspeakers and ensemble