Willem Boogman


Een oog in zee - premiere in November Music Festival

Flyer_Een oog in zee kopie
Een oog in zee [An eye in the sea] will premiere on November 5, 2022 during the November Music Festival in Den Bosch. See: concerts.
It is music theater in which a present-day version of the myth of Ariadne and Theseus is presented. Salomé Roodenburg's libretto tells the story from Ariadne's perspective as an ›eye‹ on the truth ›in a sea‹ of lies and manipulations with which some rulers impose their will on the people. Een oog in zee also offers a surprising context for Haydn's cantata Arianna a Naxos, which is integrated in Willem Boogman's new composition.

The role of Ariadne is sung by mezzo-soprano Helena van Heel. The roles of Theseus and Dionysos are played, without text, by horn player Fokke van Heel and accordionist Vincent van Amsterdam respectively. Dancer Kenzo Kusuda adds an extra dimension that – translated into movement – ‚Äč‚Äčexpresses the space and feeling of Ariadne. By making the composition almost visible, he guides the audience through the story.

In the direction of Zephyr Brüggen and the scenography by Salomé Roodenburg, the boundaries between what is true and what is not, are blurred. This world of shadows is designed with canvases with paintings by Roodenburg and a light design that can create shadows and projections. Ariadne shows us that the Minotaur is an invention to oppress the people by fear, but on the other hand, can we trust her blindly?

Een oog in zee is a music theater production by Stichting Noorderklank

Duration: about 75 minutes