Willem Boogman


Day Daily – The Hours

First performances of The Hours 13-17, part of the cycle Day Daily, in November 2010

Day Daily - The Hours [Dag Dagelijks – De Uren] is a cycle of twenty-four one-minute pieces which represents the hours of the day.
The cycle is written for and dedicated to f.c. jongbloed, an ensemble of the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg, conducted by Arnold Marinissen.

After beautiful performances of the two preceding sets, f.c. jongbloed will premiere the third set, The Hours 13-17, on November 4, 10 and 25, 2010. See agenda
The afternoon hours were scored for clarinet (Evelien de Vries), alto saxophone (Peter Leung), violin (Diana Biazarti) and cello (Cor Coppoolse).

For the first time the optional electronic pulses can be heard that accompanies the instrumental music. The pulses were made with »tee-een«, a Max / MSP patch, initially designed for Sternenrest by
Johan van Kreij. The basic ingredients of the patch are the six frequencies of the star HD 129929. Consequently this star will be secretly present during daytime. Which obviously is not in contradiction with reality.

The picture shows the
cover of the cd which marks the 5th anniversary of f.c. jongbloed. The cd includes the ›live & unedited‹ recording of The Hours 19-22, and was presented at the November Music Festival 2010.