Willem Boogman


Day Daily

I am working on a new project: the cycle Day Daily [Dag Dagelijks]. As in my earlier cycles I systematically bring up the elementary world of sound and music, usually connected with a specific, extramusical reality. Day Daily is inspired by literary, scientific and everyday interpretations of the day, and especially by phenomenological research on this topic by philosopher Chris Bremmers.

With Day Daily I want to recall the day to us, or at least the memory of that one Day amidst all days. I would also like to develop certain aspects of my music further, which is sound transmitted in space, different scorings within a piece and compositional / musical elements being in a permanent transition (liminality).

Day Daily consists of four long pieces of approximately 15-20 minutes, composed for the transitory moments of the day: midnight, daybreak, midday and nightfall. These transitory moments are linked with each other by twenty one-minute pieces, which stand for the hours of the day.

The parts of the cycle can be performed both independently and integral.

the cycle day daily
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The midnight part, entitled: ›Nous le chant‹, forms a small cycle within the large one, and contains five vocal pieces on texts of the French poet Henri Meschonnic. From his collection of poems ›Nous le passage‹ I selected:

1. aujourd’hui nous
2. on s’entend c’est la lumière
3. la lumière amoureuse
4. la nuit luit
5. un jour et je suis ce jour

The first three are composed for five singers of Schola Heidelberg (SSATB) and a trio of ensemble aisthesis (clarinet, piano and percussion) at the request of
KlangForum Heidelberg (D) and Walter Nußbaum – conductor.