Willem Boogman


My website

I have discovered having an oeuvre to be proud of. That isn’t self-evident. When I completed my first large-scale work La Disciplina dei sentimenti after many years’ labour, I could not think of just writing one work after another. It turned out, however, that music itself, the source of my effort, was just being about to unfold itself to me. About the time of La Passione della Parola I have noticed how the different compositions were forming each other to something that looked like an oeuvre. Now, after more than thirty years of composing music, it looks like I have just started!

It’s time to arrange this oeuvre and make it more accessible by building this website. Here you can get a survey of my work and find a lot of information about each composition. On this opening page I’ll give you frequently a sign of life, and this I’ll do, in the English-language context of the website, in my poor English or in Dutch, whenever it suits me.

Although being part now of the ›small-world network‹, I still expect my music to be ›
seven degrees separated‹ from the nearest ›hub‹, or, in other words, to have more ›nodes‹ than anyone ever can imagine.