Willem Boogman


One Noon, first performance

First performance of ›One Noon‹ for six percussionists by CIRCUS S.
›One Noon‹ is about twelve o’clock midday, when the sun is at its highest point and situated due south. At noon the world is at the centre of full daylight.
The blazing sun in the sky, the shadows on earth, the refections and sparkles, the clouds passing in front of the sun, all caused me to deploy exclusively metal instruments for this celebration of noon.
The percussionists are placed around the audience, making the sound rotation audible.
I am very much looking forward to the premiere by the six percussionists of CIRCUS S in their circus tent. On May 5, 11:30 a.m. in Hannover.



Genieting V

On my desk lies One Noon for six spatially-positioned percussionists. I still have to write about 5 minutes of music to complete the score. However, I have interrupted this work for composing Genieting V for accordion, creating a new ›Genieting‹ that may be added to the series of solo pieces under that title.

Genieting V was commissioned by the accordionist Vincent van Amsterdam, whom I met at the rehearsals and performances of The Hours 7-11, as one of the musicians of f.c. jongbloed.

Solo works, by and large, emphasize the player’s technical mastery of the instrument and challenge the limits of the achievable. In the series of solo works under the title ›Genieting‹ this aspect is characterized by the duality of the performer who takes control of the physical characteristics of his instrument but at the same time is submerged in them: an elementary world that also remains strange and ›foreign‹ for the player as well as the listener.