Willem Boogman


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Distant Voices
›wonen is het Westen‹
Quand l’amant sortit
One Noon
Day Daily - The Hours
GLAS from Sternenrest
La Passione della Parola
Die Rose
›Epilogo‹ from La disciplina dei sentimenti
›Jeanne‹ from Le Parole

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Ihr Tore [voices, instruments]
Intermezzi [harmonium, string quartet]
Nous le chant III [choir, instruments]
De dag daagt [organ]
Day Daily - The Hours 13-17 [4 instruments]
Day Daily - The Hours 19-23 [4 instruments]
Sternenrest [ensemble, electronics]
Elementale [percussion ensemble]
Called Back [string quartet]
Moving [ensemble, electronics]
Genieting II [percussion solo]
La Passione della Parola [choir]
Genieting IV [electric guitar]
Liminale [ensemble, electronics]
Nous le chant I & II [voices, instruments]
Music for two pianos

Selected Tracks

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Incidental Music | Toneelmuziek

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