Willem Boogman




Sandra Macrander (in Dutch)


7 minutes


voice and organ

commissioned by

the Orgelpark

dedicated to

Sandra Macrander


February 24, 2019
Orgelpark, Amsterdam
(›Composer Portrait: Willem Boogman‹)

Sandra Macrander – mezzosoprano/performer,
Geerten van de Wetering – organ

This score can be purchased from the composer

Liefde een woning, nr 1

for voice and organ (2018)
uit de madrigalencyclus Gioiosamente Canto | a madrigal from the cycle Gioiosamente Canto


listen here or at SoundCloud

Sandra Macrander – mezzosoprano/performer and Geerten van de Wetering – organ | ›Composer Portrait: Willem Boogman‹ February 24, 2019 Orgelpark, Amsterdam
live recording of the premiere by Bert van Dijk for the Concertzender


Liefde een woning, no 1 consists of three mouvements and an introduction:
  1. Introduction
  2. Liefde is een woning.
  3. Je bent er.
  4. Ik neem je mee...

program note

›Liefde een woning‹ [›Love a home‹] is a part of Gioiosamente Canto, a cycle of madrigals for which Sandra Macrander wrote the poems and Willem Boogman the music. The texts are in Dutch.
›Liefde een woning‹ consists of eighteen short poems that in different groupings form the text for eight madrigals. The madrigals unite love, word and music in a ›Gioia che mai non fina‹ (›Joy without end‹). The madrigals can be performed separately or in a series which is selected from the collection. A musical trait d'union may precede each madrigal group of madrigals.
Read more about the cycle >>

Wetering, Geerten van de_Macrander, Sandra_samen_klein
Geerten van de Wetering & Sandra Macrander | photo: Co Broerse

Macrander, Sandra_2
photo: Co Broerse

Macrander, Sandra_3
photo: Co Broerse

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