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The Road To Here

The Road To Here will be premiered by Ottoni Quartet and organist Wybe Kooijmans
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The Road To Here (2018) for brass quartet and organ was commissioned by the Ottoni Quartet on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, with financial support by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Orgelpark Amsterdam and the Ottoni Quartet. Read more about The Road To Here

Liefde een woning, nr 3

The first performance of ›Liefde een woning, nr 3‹ (›Love, a home‹) for 12 female voices from the cycle of madrigals ›Canto gioiosamente‹.
On poems by Sandra Macrander

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First performance of De Dag Daagt [The Day Dawns] for organ

Premiere: April 14, 2012 | 20:15
Orgelpark, Amsterdam
De Dag Daagt
[flyer: Sandra Macrander]

The subject of De Dag Daagt for (pipe) organ is the morning twilight, during which night turns into day. At that point the sun is still beneath the horizon, and the nearer it approaches the horizon, the lighter the sky becomes, and the stars are extinguished. We are able to discern more and more of our surroundings, which appear like »a ceremony,« as Wislawa Szymborska so beautifully puts it in her poem Early Hour [Wczesna godzina].
The music concludes at the moment that the first ray of sunshine reaches the earth directly.

Sternenrest - concert

The, for the time being, last performance of Sternenrest takes place on 01.21.2012, at 20:15, in Het Orgelpark in Amsterdam by the Spectra Ensemble, Olaf Tarenskeen - electric guitar, Arnold Marinissen - percussion of glass, Wave Field Synthesis and Casper Schipper - sound direction.
It is advisable to reserve tickets because of the limited number of seats.


De voorlopig laatste uitvoering van Sternenrest vindt plaats op 21-01-2012 in het Orgelpark te Amsterdam door het Spectra Ensemble, Olaf Tarenskeen - elektrische gitaar, Arnold Marinissen - slagwerk van glas, Wave Field Synthesis en Casper Schipper - klankregie.
Aanvang 20:15. Het is aan te raden om kaarten te reserveren vanwege het beperkt aantal zitplaatsen.
(Met dank aan Roland Spekle - producent van Sternenrest en The Game of Life - eigenaar van het Wave Field Synthesis-luidsprekersysteem)

De Dag Daagt

the hours 19-23
Twilight: a liminal stage

The part of the cycle ›Day Daily‹ that was composed first was the midnight music Nous le chant I & II (2009).
Then the five hours of the evening
Day Daily – The Hours 19-23 were completed and performed in November 2009. I couldn't finish ›Hour 23‹ in time for the performance, and that's why you will not find the recording of this one-minute piece on this website.
In March 2010 the nocturnal hours
Day Daily – The Hours 1-5 were completed and performed.
Currently I am working on the music that deals with the morning twilight, the time between dawn and sunrise. It is entitled ›De Dag Daagt‹ [The Day Dawns] and is a composition for pipe organ commissioned by Johan Luijmes, artistic director of the Orgelpark in Amsterdam.
The afternoon hours 13-17 are scheduled for the autumn, and the morning hours 7-11 for the spring 2011. Both sets, each of them with an unique scoring, will again be performed by f.c. jongbloed & Arnold Marinissen - conductor.

For an overview of the cycle on which I will also be working the coming years, see:
Day Daily (weblog category: work in progress)

Recently the book entitled ›Sluiproutes en dwaalwegen‹ [Shortcuts and false scents] (1991) by Anthony Mertens impressed me very much. It deals with liminal poetics and it gives an excellent overview and definitions of liminality, a concept that perhaps best characterizes my music. The adjective ›liminal‹ derives from the Latin name for threshold, ›limen‹. Twilight is a typical example of a liminal stage of the day. I will write more about this issue in this weblog.