Willem Boogman


Composer Portrait

The Orgelpark Amsterdam presents my Composer Portrait on Sunday afternoon February 24th, 2019.

We selected eight recent compositions which in very different ways give a good impression of my work and what my music is about.
I will give an introduction based on the pieces on the program.

There are two premieres: Liefde een woning, nr 1 for voice and organ, by Sandra Macrander and Geerten van de Wetering and Genieting VII for piano, by Bobby Mitchell.

The Composer Portrait will be performed by fantastic musicians!


1a. Waltz from Nous le chant III for The Busy Drone (2015)
1b. Introduction ›no la persona, ma la sua figura‹ (Giacomo da Lentini, 13th century)

2. Duik langs het koraalrif for accordion and five or six instruments at choice (2017)
Edition I for accordion and automatic organs, arrangement by Trevor Grahl
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion

3. Genieting VII for piano (2015 | 2017, premiere)
Bobby Mitchell – piano


4. Liefde een Woning, nr 1 for voice and organ (2018, premiere)
Sandra Macrander – mezzo/performer and Geerten van de Wetering – organ
(Commissioned by the Orgelpark)

5. Genieting VI for piccolo (2015)
Ilonka Kolthof – piccolo

6. De dag daagt for organ (2010 | rev. 2018)
transitional music for daybreak from the cycle Day Daily
Geerten van de Wetering – organ


7.The Road To Here for brass quartet and organ (2018)
Geerten van de Wetering – organ and the brass quartet of 9x13 consists of Arthur Kerklaan and Anneke Romeijn – trumpets, Pierre Buizer – horn, Anton van Houten – trombone

8. Intermezzi, modulationes super Passionem secundum Joannem for accordion and string quartet (2016)
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion, Janneke van Prooijen – violin I, Emma Breedveld – violin II, Frank Brakkee – viola, Eilidh Martin – cello

Sunday February 24th, 2019 | 2:15 PM
Orgelpark, Amsterdam

The interview ›Virtuoso "Genietingen"‹ Jacqueline Oskamp held with me about the program, was published at Timbres Online, the online-magazine of the Orgelpark (In Dutch).

Ihr Tore (complete)

Unfortunately Lunatree, that multifaceted and inspiring ensemble, stops. The intention and commitment of the founders, Anthony Fiumara and Arnold Marinissen, appealed to me very much. At the farewell concert Lunatree plays, among other things, my composition Ihr Tore. Modulationes super Cantatam BWV 193 : a completed and ›modulated‹ cantata by Bach that I wrote especially for the ensemble (for soprano, alto, violin, cello, clarinet, piano, percussion and drones).

December 8, 2018 | 20:15 Concertzaal Willem Twee, Den Bosch. See also concerts & for more information about the music: Ihr Tore.

The Road To Here

The Road To Here will be premiered by Ottoni Quartet and organist Wybe Kooijmans
See concerts

Ottoni jubileumtour

The Road To Here (2018) for brass quartet and organ was commissioned by the Ottoni Quartet on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, with financial support by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Orgelpark Amsterdam and the Ottoni Quartet. Read more about The Road To Here